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Epistemonikos: a comprehensive database of systematic reviews for health decision-making

Gabriel Rada, Daniel Perez, Felipe Araya-Quintanilla, Camila Avila, Gonzalo Bravo-Soto, Rocio Bravo-Jeria, Aldo Canepa, Daniel Capurro, Victoria Castro-Gutierrez, Valeria Contreras, Javiera Edwards, Jorge Faundez, Damian Garrido, Magdalena Jimenez, Valentina Llovet, Diego Lobos, Francisco Madrid, Macarena Morel-Marambio, Antonia Mendoza, Ignacio Neumann Show all

BMC Medical Research Methodology | BMC | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Systematic reviews allow health decisions to be informed by the best available research evidence. However, their number is proliferating quickly, and many skills are required to identify all the relevant reviews for a specific question. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We screen 10 bibliographic databases on a daily or weekly basis, to identify systematic reviews relevant for health decision-making. Using a machine-based approach developed for this project we select reviews, which are then validated by a network of more than 1000 collaborators. After screening over 1,400,000 records we have identified more than 300,000 systematic reviews, which are now stored in a single place and accessibl..

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