Thesis / Dissertation

Designing and implementing an intervention program to improve under-achieving Year 8 students’ understanding of multiplicative thinking and assess associated gains in motivation and engagement

Oliver Lovell, Stephens Max (ed.)

Published : 2016


A fifteen-week intervention was carried out in order to examine the efficacy of the Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years (SNMY) (Education Victoria, 2013b) instructional resources in improving the multiplicative thinking of eight under-achieving Year 8 students. The eight students participating in the intervention were contrasted against a similarly profiled control group of ten students. Participants were drawn from a co-educational high school on the lands of the People of the Kulin Nation in Northern Metropolitan Melbourne. Changes in students’ multiplicative thinking, as well as associated changes in motivation and engagement, were measured in pre- and post-intervention assessments. ..

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