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Implementation and evaluation of a quality improvement initiative to reduce late gestation stillbirths in Australia: Safer Baby Bundle study protocol

CJ Andrews, D Ellwood, PF Middleton, A Gordon, M Nicholl, CSE Homer, J Morris, G Gardener, M Coory, M Davies-Tuck, FM Boyle, E Callander, A Bauman, VJ Flenady



BACKGROUND: In 2015, the stillbirth rate after 28 weeks (late gestation) in Australia was 35% higher than countries with the lowest rates globally. Reductions in late gestation stillbirth rates have steadily improved in Australia. However, to amplify and sustain reductions, more needs to be done to reduce practice variation and address sub-optimal care. Implementing bundles for maternity care improvement in the UK have been associated with a 20% reduction in stillbirth rates. A similar approach is underway in Australia; the Safer Baby Bundle (SBB) with five elements: 1) supporting women to stop smoking in pregnancy, 2) improving detection and management of fetal growth restriction, 3) raisin..

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Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

This study falls within the work program of the Stillbirth Centre of Research Excellence which is funded by the NHMRC (AP1116640). The Safer Baby Bundle study is further supported by an NHMRC Partnerships Project Grant (APP1169829) and MRFF Accelerated Research Grant. We gratefully thank the Mater Foundation for their contribution. The funders have not played any role in the study design, collection of data, or in the development of this manuscript.