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Exploring a causal model in observational cohort data: The role of parents and peers in shaping substance use trajectories

Christopher Greenwood, George Joseph Youssef, Primrose Letcher, Elizabeth Spry, Lauryn Hagg, Jacqui A Macdonald, Jennifer Mcintosh, Craig Olsson

Center for Open Science


Aims: To explore the process of applying counterfactual thinking in examining causal predictors of substance use trajectories in observational cohort data. Specifically, we examine the extent to which quality of the parent-adolescent relationship and affiliations with deviant peers are causally related to trajectories of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use across adolescence and into young adulthood. Methods: Data were drawn from the Australian Temperament Project, a population-based cohort study that has followed a sample of young Australians from infancy to adulthood since 1983. Parent-adolescent relationship quality and deviant peer affiliations were assessed at age 13-14 years. Latent cur..

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