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Oestrogen regulates SOX9 bioavailability by rapidly activating ERK1/2 and stabilising microtubules in a human testis-derived cell line

Melanie K Stewart, Deidre M Mattiske, Andrew J Pask

Experimental Cell Research | ELSEVIER INC | Published : 2021


Nuclear SOX9 is essential for Sertoli cell differentiation and the development of a testis. Exposure of Sertoli cells to exogenous oestrogen causes cytoplasmic retention of SOX9, inhibiting testis development and promoting ovarian development. The cytoplasmic localisation of SOX9 requires a stabilised microtubule network and a key MAPK complex, ERK1/2, is responsive to oestrogen and known to affect the microtubule network. We hypothesised that oestrogen could stabilise microtubules through the activation of ERK1/2 to promote the cytoplasmic retention of SOX9. Treatment of human testis-derived NT2/D1 cells for 30 min with oestrogen rapidly activated ERK1/2, stabilised the microtubule network ..

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