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Cellular extrusion bioprinting improves kidney organoid reproducibility and conformation

Kynan T Lawlor, Jessica M Vanslambrouck, J William Higgins, Alison Chambon, Kristina Bishard, Derek Arndt, Pei Xuan Er, Sean B Wilson, Sara E Howden, Ker Sin Tan, Fanyi Li, Lorna J Hale, Benjamin Shepherd, Stephen Pentoney, Sharon C Presnell, Alice E Chen, Melissa H Little

Nature Materials | NATURE RESEARCH | Published : 2020


Directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to kidney organoids brings the prospect of drug screening, disease modelling and the generation of tissue for renal replacement. Currently, these applications are hampered by organoid variability, nephron immaturity, low throughput and limited scale. Here, we apply extrusion-based three-dimensional cellular bioprinting to deliver rapid and high-throughput generation of kidney organoids with highly reproducible cell number and viability. We demonstrate that manual organoid generation can be replaced by 6- or 96-well organoid bioprinting and evaluate the relative toxicity of aminoglycosides as a proof of concept for drug testing. In addi..

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Awarded by California's Stem Cell Agency

Awarded by NHMRC

Awarded by National Institutes of Health

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank M. Le Moing and the Murdoch Children's Research Institute Translational Genomics Unit for 10x single cell and hash-tag oligo library preparation and sequencing and bulk-RNAseq. We thank M. Burton and the Murdoch Children's Research Institute Microscopy Core for imaging support. M.H.L. is a Senior Principal Research Fellow of the National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia (APP1136085). This work was supported by Organovo Inc., the Methuselah Foundation, California's Stem Cell Agency (EDUC2-08388), NHMRC (GNT1100970, GNT1098654), the National Institutes of Health (UH3DK107344) and a Medical Research Future Fund Kidney Disease Team grant.