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Cannabidiol selectively inhibits the contraction of rat small resistance arteries: Possible role for CGRP and voltage-gated calcium channels

Amna C Mazeh, James A Angus, Christine E Wright

European Journal of Pharmacology | ELSEVIER | Published : 2021


The pharmacology of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive major component of Cannabis sativa, is of growing interest as it becomes more widely prescribed. This study aimed to examine the effects of cannabidiol on a wide range of contractile agents in rat small resistance arteries, in comparison with large arteries, and to explore its mechanism of action. The vascular actions of cannabidiol were also contrasted with effects on the contractions of bronchial, urogenital, cardiac and skeletal muscles. Isolated small or large arteries were incubated with cannabidiol (0.3-3 μM) or vehicle and concentration-contraction response curves were completed to various agents, including endothelin-1, arginine v..

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