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UniMorph 3.0: Universal morphology

AD McCarthy, C Kirov, M Grella, A Nidhi, P Xia, K Gorman, E Vylomova, SJ Mielke, G Nicolai, M Silfverberg, T Arkhangelskij, N Krizhanovsky, A Krizhanovsky, E Klyachko, A Sorokin, J Mansfield, V Ernštreits, Y Pinter, CL Jacobs, R Cotterell Show all

LREC 2020 - 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Conference Proceedings | European Language Resources Association (ELRA) | Published : 2020


The Universal Morphology (UniMorph) project is a collaborative effort providing broad-coverage instantiated normalized morphological paradigms for hundreds of diverse world languages. The project comprises two major thrusts: a language-independent feature schema for rich morphological annotation and a type-level resource of annotated data in diverse languages realizing that schema. We have implemented several improvements to the extraction pipeline which creates most of our data, so that it is both more complete and more correct. We have added 66 new languages, as well as new parts of speech for 12 languages. We have also amended the schema in several ways. Finally, we present three new comm..

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