Conference Proceedings

A mobile ecology of resources for Covid-19 learning

V Narayan, T Cochrane, N Cowie, M Hinze, J Birt, C Deneen, P Goldacre, L Ransom, D Sinfield, T Worthington

ASCILITE 2020: ASCILITE’s first virtual conference | ASCILITE | Published : 2020


Mobile devices and a vast array of accompanying applications offer significant affordances to create, consume, share, collaborate and communicate—affordances that could be easily leveraged to facilitate meaningful learning. A positive disruption arising from Covid-19 that aligns with the affordances of mobile learning is the uncoupling of time and space in the learning process. Traditionally formal learning is a process that is predominately viewed as an experience that is ‘timetabled’— scheduled to eventuate at a ‘place’—lecture or a tutorial (or similar) in a room or lecture theatre. In this concise paper, an ecology of resources is discussed along with guiding principles for designing and..

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