Submission to Inquiry into the benefits and risks of a Bipartisan Australian Defence Agreement, as a basis of planning for, and funding of, Australian Defence Capability

Richard Tanter

Defence Sub-Committee, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, | Published : 2018


The need for a Bipartisan Australian Defence Agreement (BADA), whether of the longstanding Danish model or some other, is variously attributed to frequent blowouts in money and time of major defence projects, industry requirements for investment planning, instability in government planning arising from a three year electoral cycle, the interference to government decision-making caused by the 24/7 media cycle, or a shifting of the defence planning goal posts in project mid-cycle for other reasons exterior to the projects themselves. An agreement between government and opposition political parties for defence planning and budgeting for a fixed period is proposed as the solution to these ills, ..

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