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High Frequency Sonoprocessing: A New Field of Cavitation-Free Acoustic Materials Synthesis, Processing, and Manipulation.

Amgad R Rezk, Heba Ahmed, Shwathy Ramesan, Leslie Y Yeo

Advanced Science | Published : 2020


Ultrasound constitutes a powerful means for materials processing. Similarly, a new field has emerged demonstrating the possibility for harnessing sound energy sources at considerably higher frequencies (10 MHz to 1 GHz) compared to conventional ultrasound (⩽3 MHz) for synthesizing and manipulating a variety of bulk, nanoscale, and biological materials. At these frequencies and the typical acoustic intensities employed, cavitation-which underpins most sonochemical or, more broadly, ultrasound-mediated processes-is largely absent, suggesting that altogether fundamentally different mechanisms are at play. Examples include the crystallization of novel morphologies or highly oriented structures; ..

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