Conference Proceedings

Hope becomes Law: The Treaty on The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in the Asia Pacific Region

Richard Tanter, Chung-in Moon (ed.), Peter Hayes (ed.)

Pandemic-Nuclear Nexus Scenarios Project | Asia Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (APLN) | Published : 2020


If the final, still distant objective of the TPNW is to move from prohibition of nuclear weapons to their elimination, then the key proximate goals are the full institutionalisation of the treaty regime together with its universalisation. Dialogue in the region faces a suite of issues and problems regarding movement of the treaty towards institutionalisation as a regime. All of these issues have regional dimensions. The effectiveness of regional dialogues about the TPNW in the Asia-Pacific will be affected by the following: • the nuclear ban treaty as rebellion against global nuclear hegemony; • decisions regarding proposals of basing dialogue about the TPNW on a claimed primacy of the Non-..

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