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How I Will Change (neons), Postscript A Burial Suit, The Armour of Hope, The Arms of Mother, Protest/Fist, The Tools of Hope, Clothes Portrait (Kate Just), Feminist Fan: Carolee Schneeman and Valie Export

Kathleen Just | Published : 2020


Armoured brings together significant works from Kate Just’s oeuvre dating between 2012 and 2020. The exhibition reveals the significance of armour to Just's ongoing practice - as a form of self protection of the body and skin. Comprising works in diverse media including neons, knitted works, sewn clothing portraits, found object sculptures and ceramic works, Armoured re-articulates Just’s ongoing concern with feminist self representation, skin as a subjective texture, and craft as a personal and political tool. Armoured includes works as The Arms of Mother (knitted and photograph), which were produced during a 2012 Australia Council Residency in Barcelona, and later exhibited in Louise Bour..

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