Conference Proceedings

Creating Smart Villages through context-specific workshops

Hemanta Doloi, Hemanta Doloi (ed.), Atul Bora (ed.)

the Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Smart Villages and Rural Development (COSVARD), Eds. Doloi and Bora, | Smart Villages Lab, The University of Melbourne | Published : 2020


Smart Villages is a relatively a newer concept for developing rural community with necessary amenities and enabling empowerment by leveraging the unique potential in location specific contexts. While the research conducted at the Smart Villages Lab (SVL) of The University of Melbourne has resulted in a new Smart Villages model, the key concepts are yet to be tested empirically for realising the benefits at the community levels. The Smart Villages Workshop is one of the key enablers for disseminating the findings of Smart Villages research. The Smart Villages Workshop is a platform for joining hands of like-minded individuals from academia, industry and community and progressively elicit cont..

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