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Dialysis and driving: an anonymous survey of patients receiving dialysis for end-stage kidney disease

Alison Graver, Morris Odell, Leonid Churilov, David A Power, Peter F Mount, Matthew RP Davies, Suet-Wan Choy, Kathy Paizis, Natasha Cook



BACKGROUND: Driving is a complex task requiring multiple cognitive domains and the musculoskeletal system. Cognitive dysfunction is associated with driving impairment. Dialysis patients are known to have a high prevalence of cognitive impairment and other comorbidities, and may be at risk of driving impairment. No Australian guidelines address driving safety in dialysis patients. AIMS: To estimate the proportion of dialysis patients who were driving and those at risk of driving impairment, and to investigate the agreement between objective and subjective markers of risk. METHODS: This single-centre study involved dialysis patients voluntarily completing two questionnaires relating to risk of..

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