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Resisting and Remaking Sex in the Petri Dish, the Clinic, and on the Track

Madeleine Pape, JR Latham, Katrina Karkazis, Stacey Ritz

Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience | University of Toronto Libraries - UOTL


Assemblages of sex are continuously being enacted by policymakers, scientists, and medical providers across a range of settings, resulting in multiple and often contradictory notions of what “sex” is and how it is expressed in the body. As feminist scholars have shown, such enactments are mutable yet resilient, often with the net effect of restricting how “sex” can emerge as a material dimension of our embodied, lived experiences. What happens when feminist scholars seek to intervene in order to promote more complex, entangled, dynamic, and just enactments of “sex” in policy and practice? This lab meeting gathers interdisciplinary scholars to reflect on their experiences of pursuing change i..

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