Development Without Building Barriers

Ansel Deri (ed.), Justin Wejak (ed.)

Penerbit Ikan Paus | Published : 2020


The book is a reflection of the 20 year journey of the autonomy of Lembata, as well as a gift for the 20th anniversary of Lembata autonomy in 2019. Two important and interconnected questions are raised: Why didn't Lembata remain a part of the regency of East Flores. Lembata needed autonomy. There were reasons for that choice. Lembata was underdeveloped during its time as part of the regency o east Flores. Road infrastructure, clean water and electricity were rare on the island. The words orang pulo (literally, "islanders") was used merely as a cinical label for the "backwards" Lembata, "backwards" in various aspects. In 2019, Lembata had been autonomouos for 20 years. A contemplative questio..

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