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Intraoperative Observational Real-time Electrocochleography as a Predictor of Hearing Loss After Cochlear Implantation: 3 and 12 Month Outcomes.

Stephen O'Leary, Robert Briggs, Jean-Marc Gerard, Claire Iseli, Benjamin PC Wei, Sylvia Tari, Alex Rousset, Christo Bester

Otol Neurotol | Published : 2020


OBJECTIVE: A decrease in intracochlear electrocochleographic (ECochG) amplitude during cochlear implantation has been associated with poorer postoperative hearing preservation in several short-term studies. Here, we relate the stability of ECochG during surgery to hearing preservation at 3- and 12-months. METHODS: Patients with hearing ≤80-dB HL at 500 Hz were implanted with a slim-straight electrode array. ECochG responses to short, high-intensity, 500-Hz pure tones of alternating polarity were recorded continuously from the apical-most electrode during implantation. No feedback was provided to the surgeon. ECochG amplitude was derived from the difference response, and implantations classif..

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