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Persistent nitrogen limitation of stream biofilm communities along climate gradients in the Arctic

Maria Myrstener, Gerard Rocher-Ros, Ryan M Burrows, Ann-Kristin Bergstrom, Reiner Giesler, Ryan A Sponseller

Global Change Biology | WILEY | Published : 2018


Climate change is rapidly reshaping Arctic landscapes through shifts in vegetation cover and productivity, soil resource mobilization, and hydrological regimes. The implications of these changes for stream ecosystems and food webs is unclear and will depend largely on microbial biofilm responses to concurrent shifts in temperature, light, and resource supply from land. To study those responses, we used nutrient diffusing substrates to manipulate resource supply to biofilm communities along regional gradients in stream temperature, riparian shading, and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) loading in Arctic Sweden. We found strong nitrogen (N) limitation across this gradient for gross primary produ..

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