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Intelligent UAV Deployment for a Disaster-Resilient Wireless Network.

Hassaan Hydher, Dushantha Nalin K Jayakody, Kasun T Hemachandra, Tharaka Samarasinghe

Sensors | Published : 2020


Deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as aerial base stations (ABSs) has been considered to be a feasible solution to provide network coverage in scenarios where the conventional terrestrial network is overloaded or inaccessible due to an emergency situation. This article studies the problem of optimal placement of the UAVs as ABSs to enable network connectivity for the users in such a scenario. The main contributions of this work include a less complex approach to optimally position the UAVs and to assign user equipment (UE) to each ABS, such that the total spectral efficiency (TSE) of the network is maximized, while maintaining a minimum QoS requirement for the UEs. The main advant..

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