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Unjust Enrichment: What We Owe to Each Other

Tatiana Cutts

Oxford Journal of Legal Studies | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2021


In some quarters, the focus of unjust enrichment scholarship has shifted from loss and gain towards the defendant's 'involvement in the story'-what she has done to warrant liability. The goal of this shift is to fit unjust enrichment within the 'doer-sufferer' template of 'corrective justice' theories of private law. I argue that this shift fails to reconcile unjust enrichment with the commitment to equal freedom upon which these theories depend. But we can justify restitution without forsaking the Kantian concern with rational agency. In this article, I endorse a contractualist approach to mistaken payments: A particular use of the state's coercive power is just if it is one that everyone c..

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