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Circulating cathepsin S improves glycaemic control in mice

Hamzeh Karimkhanloo, Stacey N Keenan, Emily W Sun, David A Wattchow, Damien J Keating, Magdalene K Montgomery, Matthew J Watt



Cathepsin S (CTSS) is a cysteine protease that regulates many physiological processes and is increased in obesity and type 2 diabetes. While previous studies show that deletion of CTSS improves glycaemic control through suppression of hepatic glucose output, little is known about the role of circulating CTSS in regulating glucose and energy metabolism. We assessed the effects of recombinant CTSS on metabolism in cultured hepatocytes, myotubes and adipocytes, and in mice following acute CTSS administration. CTSS improved glucose tolerance in lean mice and this coincided with increased plasma insulin. CTSS reduced G6pc and Pck1 mRNA expression and glucose output from hepatocytes but did not af..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Foundation of Australia (NHMRC)

Awarded by NHMRC

Awarded by Monash International Tuition Scholarship (MITS)

Funding Acknowledgements

These studies were supported by funding from the National Health and Medical Research Foundation of Australia (NHMRC, APP1098972; APP1156508) and the Diabetes Australia Research Trust. M K M is supported by Research Fellowships from the NHMRC (APP1143224). H K is supported by Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS) and Monash International Tuition Scholarship (MITS) (29302471).