Thesis / Dissertation

Examining the effects of BRAF, MEK and CDK4/6 inhibition on anti-tumor immunity in BRAFV600 melanoma

Emily Jane Lelliott, Karen Sheppard (ed.)

Published : 2020


The recent advent of targeted and immune-based therapies has revolutionized the treatment of melanoma, and transformed outcomes for patients with metastatic disease. However, the mechanisms underpinning the clinical efficacy of these approaches are still being elucidated. The majority of patients develop resistance to the current standard-of-care targeted therapy, dual BRAF and MEK inhibition (BRAFi+MEKi), prompting evaluation of a new combination incorporating a CDK4/6 inhibitor. Based on promising preclinical data, combined BRAF, MEK and CDK4/6 inhibition (triple therapy) has recently entered clinical trials for the treatment of BRAFV600 melanoma. Interestingly, while BRAFi+MEKi therapy wa..

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