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Grain Dependent Growth of Bright Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride

N Mendelson, L Morales-Inostroza, C Li, R Ritika, MAP Nguyen, J Loyola-Echeverria, S Kim, S Götzinger, M Toth, I Aharonovich

Advanced Optical Materials | Published : 2021


Point defects in hexagonal boron nitride have emerged as a promising quantum light source due to their bright and photostable room temperature emission. In this work, the incorporation of quantum emitters during chemical vapor deposition growth on a nickel substrate is studied. Combining a range of characterization techniques, it is demonstrated that the incorporation of quantum emitters is limited to (001) oriented nickel grains. Such emitters display improved emission properties in terms of brightness and stability. These emitters are further utilized and integrated with a compact optical antenna enhancing light collection from the sources. The hybrid device yields average saturation count..

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