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Kinetic study of highly efficient CO2 fixation into propylene carbonate using a continuous-flow reactor

Yuxin Wu, An Chen, Xueyan Liu, Jianhong Xu, Yundong Wang, Kathryn Mumford, Geoffrey W Stevens, Weiyang Fei

Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification | ELSEVIER SCIENCE SA | Published : 2021


Considered as an important C1 source on earth, carbon dioxide (CO2) utilization and fixation has aroused great attention. Synthesis of cyclic carbonate are one of the most widely industrialized routes. Ionic liquids have been studied for highly efficient cyclic carbonate production due to their distinguished characteristics. In this work, highly efficient synthesis of propylene carbonate catalyzed by [bmim]Br was achieved via a continuous-flow microreaction system. Based on that, influence factors and kinetics parameters for propylene carbonate synthesis were obtained. And the flow patterns were investigated via transparent tube, which were proved to be slug flow. The activation energy for [..

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