Journal article

Pseudocyst of the pancreas masquerading as spontaneous pneumomediastinum.

John DL Brookes, Manish Mathew, Charlene P Munasinghe, John C Gribbin, David A Devonshire, Prashant Joshi, Andrew D Cochrane

Journal of Surgical Case Reports | Published : 2019


Pseudocyst of the pancreas extending into the thorax represents a rare but potentially catastrophic diagnosis. It can be difficult to both diagnose and manage, with only limited management suggestions within the literature. While pleural effusion is a common complication of pancreatitis, transthoracic extension of a pseudocyst is a rare phenomenon. Herein we discuss a patient with a difficult to recognize extension of pancreatic pseudocyst into the left hemithorax, with unique imaging findings. He had good response to trans-gastric and percutaneous drainage and ultimately proceeded to thoracotomy and decortication. Around this case, the options for investigation and management are discussed.