Journal article

Inflammation, ictogenesis, and epileptogenesis: An exploration through human disease

Tracie Huey-Lin Tan, Piero Perucca, Terence J O'Brien, Patrick Kwan, Mastura Monif

Epilepsia | WILEY | Published : 2020


Epilepsy is seen historically as a disease of aberrant neuronal signaling manifesting as seizures. With the discovery of numerous auto-antibodies and the subsequent growth in understanding of autoimmune encephalitis, there has been an increasing emphasis on the contribution of the innate and adaptive immune system to ictogenesis and epileptogenesis. Pathogenic antibodies, complement activation, CD8+ cytotoxic T cells, and microglial activation are seen, to various degrees, in different seizure-associated neuroinflammatory and autoimmune conditions. These aberrant immune responses are thought to cause disruptions in neuronal signaling, generation of acute symptomatic seizures, and, in some ca..

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