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Detailed molecular cytogenetic characterisation of the myeloid cell line U937 reveals the fate of homologous chromosomes and shows that centromere capture is a feature of genome instability

Ruth N MacKinnon, Joanne Peverall, Lynda J Campbell, Meaghan Wall



BACKGROUND: The U937 cell line is widely employed as a research tool. It has a complex karyotype. A PICALM-MLLT10 fusion gene formed by the recurrent t(10;11) translocation is present, and the myeloid common deleted region at 20q12 has been lost from its near-triploid karyotype. We carried out a detailed investigation of U937 genome reorganisation including the chromosome 20 rearrangements and other complex rearrangements. RESULTS: SNP array, G-banding and Multicolour FISH identified chromosome segments resulting from unbalanced and balanced rearrangements. The organisation of the abnormal chromosomes containing these segments was then reconstructed with the strategic use of targeted metapha..

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