Journal article

Priests and senators: The decemviri sa cris fa ciundis in the middle republic (367-104 bce)

RN O'Brien, FJ Vervaet

Revue des Etudes Anciennes | Universite de Bordeaux III (Michel de Montaigne) | Published : 2020


This study explores the political function of the Roman priesthood of the decemuiri sacris faciundis and their consultation of the libri Sibyllini during the Roman Middle Republic, specifically focusing on the period from 367-104 BCE. Drawing on earlier scholarship, this paper argues that the Roman Senate consistently maintained strong control over the decemvirate, and that it consequently used this priesthood to achieve different political objectives in the guise of divine sanction. Careful analysis of a number of situations in which the Senate resorted to the decemvirate as well as the nature of the expiationes they recommended casts a new light on the Senate's true reasons for consulting ..

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