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The 2020 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for mood disorders: Bipolar disorder summary

Gin S Malhi, Erica Bell, Philip Boyce, Darryl Bassett, Michael Berk, Richard Bryant, Michael Gitlin, Amber Hamilton, Philip Hazell, Malcolm Hopwood, Bill Lyndon, Roger S McIntyre, Grace Morris, Roger Mulder, Richard Porter, Ajeet B Singh, Lakshmi N Yatham, Allan Young, Greg Murray

Bipolar Disorders | WILEY | Published : 2020


OBJECTIVES: To provide a succinct, clinically useful summary of the management of bipolar disorder, based on the 2020 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for mood disorders (MDcpg2020 ). METHODS: To develop the MDcpg2020 , the mood disorders committee conducted an extensive review of the available literature to develop evidence-based recommendations (EBR) based on National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines. In the MDcpg2020 , these recommendations sit alongside consensus-based recommendations (CBR) that were derived from extensive deliberations of the mood disorders committee, drawing on their expertise and clinical expe..

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