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Distribution and metabolism of estramustine in HeLa cells and the human prostatic tumour cell line 1013L.

E Kruse, SA Johansson, B Hartley-Asp, PO Gunnarsson

Biochem Pharmacol | Published : 1988


The metabolism of estramustine [estradiol-3-N-bis(2-chloroethyl) carbamate] was investigated in the human prostatic tumour cell line 1013L and the human cervix tumour cell line HeLa S3. Uptake studies revealed that estramustine (EM), and its 17-ketoanalogue estromustine (EoM), differed in their nuclear binding pattern in 1013L cells but not in HeLa cells. Most of the nuclear radioactivity from both EM and EoM was found in the fraction containing the majority of the phospholipids. HPLC studies on EM-treated 1013L cells showed the presence of the oxidized metabolite EoM, in the medium, an enrichment of estradiol and estrone in whole cells and EM and EoM bound to the nuclear protein matrix. Sim..

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