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NephroCheck (R) Quality Test

Thummaporn Naorungroj, Ary Serpa Neto, Fumitaka Yanase, Intissar Bittar, Glenn M Eastwood, Rinaldo Bellomo



BACKGROUND: The acute kidney injury (AKI) risk score helps detect moderate and severe AKI in the next 12-24 h. However, inappropriate urine collection may impact its results. AIM: The aim of this study was to evaluate the stability of NephroCheck® after urine storage at different temperatures. METHODS: The urine sample was centrifuged and split into 3 tubes. One was tested as soon as possible by the laboratory. The other 2 samples were frozen at -20 and -80°C, and the NephroCheck® test was performed 8 weeks later. RESULTS: The mean values of the AKI risk score were 1.19 ± 0.93, 1.15 ± 1.14, and 1.20 ± 1.11 (ng/mL)2/1,000 for fresh urine, -20, and -80°C, respectively (p = 0.70). Spearman's ra..

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