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Neurological heterotopic ossification: novel mechanisms, prognostic biomarkers and prophylactic therapies

Ker Rui Wong, Richelle Mychasiuk, Terence J O'Brien, Sandy R Shultz, Stuart J McDonald, Rhys D Brady



Neurological heterotopic ossification (NHO) is a debilitating condition where bone forms in soft tissue, such as muscle surrounding the hip and knee, following an injury to the brain or spinal cord. This abnormal formation of bone can result in nerve impingement, pain, contractures and impaired movement. Patients are often diagnosed with NHO after the bone tissue has completely mineralised, leaving invasive surgical resection the only remaining treatment option. Surgical resection of NHO creates potential for added complications, particularly in patients with concomitant injury to the central nervous system (CNS). Although recent work has begun to shed light on the physiological mechanisms i..

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