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“It’s Not What’s Done, But Why It’s Done”: Music Therapists’ Understanding of Normalisation, Maximisation and the Neurodiversity Movement

Beth Pickard, Grace Thompson, Maren Metell, Efrat Roginsky, Cochavit Elefant

Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy | Universtity of Bergen Library | Published : 2020


This position paper offers our personal reflections as five music therapists from varying social and international contexts attempting to understand and engage with the theory, politics and implications of the Neurodiversity Movement. We begin by positioning our views on the importance of the therapist’s intentionality when working with individuals for whom this social, cultural and political movement may represent central beliefs and values. The evolution of the Neurodiversity Movement is discussed, growing from the social model of disability and Disability Rights Movements to present a challenge to the dominant, medicalised model of disability. Throughout the paper, we invite critical deba..

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