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Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing and Informatics as an Effective Tool to Establish the Composition of Bovine Piroplasm Populations in Endemic Regions.

Abdul Ghafar, Anson V Koehler, Ross S Hall, Charles G Gauci, Robin B Gasser, Abdul Jabbar

Microorganisms | MDPI AG | Published : 2021


Protists of the genera Babesia and Theileria (piroplasms) cause some of the most prevalent and debilitating diseases for bovines worldwide. In this study, we established and used a next-generation sequencing-informatic approach to explore the composition of Babesia and Theileria populations in cattle and water buffalo in a country (Pakistan) endemic for these pathogens. We collected individual blood samples from cattle (n = 212) and water buffalo (n = 154), extracted genomic DNAs, PCR-amplified the V4 hypervariable region of 18S small subunit rRNA gene from piroplasms, sequenced amplicons using Illumina technology, and then analysed data using bioinformatic platforms. The results revealed pi..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful to Stephen Wilcox for the technical support. This project was supported by the University of Melbourne as part of A.G.'s PhD research project. A.G. is a grateful recipient of the Research Training Scholarship from the Australian Government through the University of Melbourne.