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The epidemiology of Medical Emergency Team calls for orthopedic patients in a teaching hospital: A retrospective cohort study

R Zhang, B Maher, JGR Ramos, A Hardidge, L Olenko, L Weinberg, R Robbins, L Churilov, P Peyton, D Jones



BACKGROUND: Patients undergoing orthopedic surgery are at risk of post-operative complications and needing Medical Emergency Team (MET) review. We assessed the frequency of, and associations with MET calls in orthopedic patients, and whether this was associated with increased in-hospital morbidity and mortality. METHODS: Retrospective cohort study of patients admitted over four years to a University teaching hospital using hospital administrative and MET call databases. RESULTS: Amongst 6344 orthopedic patients, 55.8% were female, the median (IQR) age and Charlson comorbidity index were 66 years (47-79) and 3 (1-5), respectively. Overall, 54.5% of admissions were emergency admissions, 1130 (..

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