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Thermal performance of the ground in geothermal pavements

Y Motamedi, N Makasis, A Arulrajah, S Horpibulsuk, G Narsilio

E3S Web of Conferences | Published : 2020


Shallow geothermal energy utilises the ground at relatively shallow depths as a heat source or sink to efficiently heat and cool buildings. Geothermal pavement systems represent a novel concept where horizontal ground source heat pump systems (GSHP) are implemented in pavements instead of purpose-built trenches, thus reducing their capital costs. This paper presents a geothermal pavement system segment (20m × 10m) constructed and monitored in the city of Adelaide, Australia, as well as thermal response testing (TRT) results. Pipes have been installed in the pavement at 0.5 m depth, and several thermistors have been placed on the pipes and in the ground. A TRT has been performed with 6kW heat..

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