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Effect of anthropogenic heat sources in the shallow subsurface at city-scale

MJ Kreitmair, N Makasis, A Bidarmaghz, RL Terrington, GJ Farr, JM Scheidegger, R Choudhary

E3S Web of Conferences | Published : 2020


Rapid rates of urbanisation are placing growing demands on cities for accommodation and transportation, with increasing numbers of basements and tunnel networks being built to meet these rising demands. Such subsurface structures constitute continuous heat sources and sinks, particularly if maintained at comfortable temperatures. At the city-scale, there is limited understanding of the effect of heat exchange of underground infrastructures with their environments, in part due to limited availability of long-term underground temperature data. The effects of underground temperature changes due anthropogenic heat fluxes can be significant, impacting ventilation and cooling costs of underground ..

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