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Explaining the worldwide distributions of two highly mobile species: Cakile edentula and Cakile maritima

Elliot C Shaw, Rachael Fowler, Sara Ohadi, Michael J Bayly, Rosemary A Barrett, Josquin Tibbits, Allan Strand, Charles G Willis, Kathleen Donohue, Philipp Robeck, Roger D Cousens



Aim: If we are able to determine the geographic origin of an invasion, as well as its known area of introduction, we can better appreciate the innate environmental tolerance of a species and the strength of selection for adaptation that colonizing populations have undergone. It also enables us to maximize the success of searches for effective biological control agents. We determined the number of successful colonization events that have occurred throughout the world for two Cakile species and compared the climates from which they originated, in which they established and then spread. Location: Worldwide. Taxon: Sea-Rockets (Cakile spp.), Brassicaceae. Methods: We used a high-throughput seque..

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