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The tandem stenosis mouse model: Towards understanding, imaging, and preventing atherosclerotic plaque instability and rupture

Jonathan Noonan, Alex Bobik, Karlheinz Peter

British Journal of Pharmacology | WILEY | Published : 2021


The rupture of unstable atherosclerotic plaques is the major cause of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. Despite significant limitations in our understanding and ability to identify unstable plaque pathology and prevent plaque rupture, most atherosclerosis research utilises preclinical animal models exhibiting stable atherosclerosis. Here, we introduce the tandem stenosis (TS) mouse model that reflects plaque instability and rupture, as seen in patients. The TS model involves dual ligation of the right carotid artery, leading to locally predefined unstable atherosclerosis in hypercholesterolaemic mice. It exhibits key characteristics of human unstable plaques, including plaque rupture, ..

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