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New and little-known sun-moth species from Australia (Lepidoptera, Castniidae)

Axel Kallies, Edward D Edwards, Andrew AE Williams

Zootaxa | MAGNOLIA PRESS | Published : 2020


In this study, we designate lectotypes and fix the identities of two Australian Castniidae species, Synemon sophia (White, 1841), the type species of Synemon Doubleday, 1846, and Synemon parthenoides R. Felder, 1874. Furthermore, we describe seven new species of Castniidae from Western Australia, two new species of the Synemon sophia group, Synemon anthracica Kallies Edwards sp. n. and Synemon crocea Kallies Edwards sp. n., three species in the Synemon magnifica Strand, 1911 group, Synemon semaphora Kallies Edwards sp. n., Synemon angustiptera Kallies Edwards sp. n. and Synemon petrophila Kallies Edwards sp. n., one new species of unclear affinity, Synemon cacumina Kallies Edwards sp. n., an..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We express our gratitude to the late Ebbe Nielsen and to Marianne Horak (ANIC) for their support and encouragement over many years. We thank Matthew Williams (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, DBCA) for providing long-term support on Castniidae research work in Western Australia. We are thankful to Hugh Bollam, Ross Field, Alan Graham, Bob Hay, Max Moulds, Ebbe Nielsen, Mike Powell, Magnus Petersen, Stewart Wallace, Keith and Edith Carnaby, Noel McFarland, Doug Hilton, Tim Gamblin, Rebecca Coppen, Fred and Jean Hort, Fabian Douglas, Klaus Gottschaldt, Egbert Friedrich, Ulf Buchsbaum, Paul Hutchinson, John Lenagan and James Peake for the provision of valuable specimens, data, advice and assistance in the field. We express our gratitude to Vanna Rangsi and You Ning Su (ANIC) for their help with imaging specimens and genitalia slides, Brian Hanish (WAM) for permission to use his photographs of S. catocaloides, S. semaphora sp. n. and S. victoriae sp. n. specimens, Egbert Friedrich (Germany) for his images of S. parthenoides and Steve Dew for his image of a S. cacumina sp. n. specimen. We thank Jan Forrest (SAMA), Malcolm Scoble (NHMUK), Max S. Moulds (AMS), Ken Walker and Catriona McPhee (MVM), Chris Burwell (QMB), Woody Horning (MAMU) and Wolfram Mey (MFNB) for permission to study material under their care. We thank Fabian Douglas for his valuable comments to the manuscript. Furthermore, we acknowledge Greg Keighery and Michael Lyons (DBCA) who kindly identified sun-moth hostplants. Finally, we thank Jorge M. Gonzailez, Michael F. Braby and Bob Worthy for their insightful reviews of the manuscript. Field work by Ted Edwards and Ebbe Nielsen in Western Australia was supported by a grant from the Australian Biological Resources Study. We thank Danny Stefoni, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Kensington, for issuing collecting permits. We acknowledge the traditional owners, past and present, of the land on which the material used in this study was collected.