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Increasing the Spatial Resolution of Visual Field Tests Without Increasing Test Duration: An Evaluation of ARREST

Vasanth Muthusamy, Andrew Turpin, Mark J Walland, Bao N Nguyen, Allison M McKendrick

Translational Vision Science and Technology | Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology | Published : 2020


Purpose: The Australian Reduced Range Extended Spatial Test (ARREST) approach was designed to improve visual field spatial resolution while maintaining a similar test duration to clinically used testing algorithms. ARREST does not completely threshold visual field locations with sensitivity < 17 dB, and uses the presentations saved to test new locations in areas of steep gradient within the visual field. Previous assessments of ARREST's performance have used computer simulation. In this study, we cross-sectionally assessed the performance of ARREST in people with visual field loss. Methods: We tested 23 people with glaucoma (mean age: 71 ± 8 years) with established visual field loss. Three..

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