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Progastrin production transitions from Bmi1( )/Prox1( ) to Lgr5(high) cells during early intestinal tumorigenesis

J Giraud, M Foroutan, J Boubaker-Vitre, F Grillet, Z Homayed, U Jadhav, P Crespy, C Breuker, J-F Bourgaux, J Hazerbroucq, C Pignodel, B Brulin, RA Shivdasani, P Jay, F Hollande, J Pannequin



Progastrin is an unprocessed soluble peptide precursor with a well-described tumor-promoting role in colorectal cancer. It is expressed at small levels in the healthy intestinal mucosa, and its expression is enhanced at early stages of intestinal tumor development, with high levels of this peptide in hyperplastic intestinal polyps being associated with poor neoplasm-free survival in patients. Yet, the precise type of progastrin-producing cells in the healthy intestinal mucosa and in early adenomas remains unclear. Here, we used a combination of immunostaining, RNAscope labelling and retrospective analysis of single cell RNAseq results to demonstrate that progastrin is produced within intesti..

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FH was supported by research grants from the Australian NH&MRC (GNT1164081) and the Tour de Cure Foundation.JP was supported by the "region Languedoc Roussillon" and by SIRIC Montpellier Cancer Grant INCa_Inserm_DGOS_12553.JG received a scholarship from "Foundation pour la Recherche Medicale", and FG a scholarship from the "Ligue nationale contre le cancer"