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Sonochemical dosimetry: A comparative study of Weissler, Fricke and terephthalic acid methods

Devika Bhai Rajamma, Sambandam Anandan, Nor Saadah Mohd Yusof, Bruno G Pollet, Muthupandian Ashokkumar



Acoustic cavitation and sonochemical reactions play a significant role in various applications of ultrasound. A number of dosimetry methods are in practice to quantify the amount of radicals generated by acoustic cavitation. In this study, hydroxyl radical (OH) yields measured by Weissler, Fricke and terephthalic acid dosimetry methods have been compared to evaluate the validities of these methods using a 490 kHz high frequency sonochemical reactor. The OH yields obtained after 5 min sonication at 490 kHz from Weissler and Fricke dosimetries were 200 µM and 289 µM, respectively. Whereas, the OH yield was found to be very low (8 µM) when terephthalic acid dosimetry was used under similar expe..

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Awarded by MHRD, New Delhi

Awarded by Australian Research Council (ARC)

Funding Acknowledgements

BGP and MA would like to thank the ENERSENSE programme at NTNU for financial support towards MA's visit to NTNU's Hydrogen Energy and Sonochemistry research Labs. SA & MA thank MHRD, New Delhi for sanctioning them a joint Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration project (SPARC/2018-2019/P236/SL). MA thank the Australian Research Council (ARC) for providing funding through Discovery Projects Grant Scheme (DP160102908).