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Fast acquisition method of navigation receiver based on folded PMF-FFT

J Qi, F Luo, Q Song

Proceedings - 2014 IEEE Computers, Communications and IT Applications Conference, ComComAp 2014 | Published : 2014


To overcome the influence of Doppler shifts for the acquisition time of navigation receiver in high dynamic situation, a improved method adopts an acquisition algorithm composed of Partial Matched Filter (PMF) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method. The algorithm changes the traditional two-dimensional searching strategy based on spread spectrum code phase and signal-carrier frequency into one-dimensional searching strategy based on spread spectrum code phase. Moreover, PMF not only consumes many hardware resources but also fails to acquire long period Pseudo-Noise (PN) code. Considering of these drawbacks, an improved algorithm is proposed by using folded matched filter and accelerating th..

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