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Correction: Effects of PKB/Akt inhibitors on insulin-stimulated lipogenesis and phosphorylation state of lipogenic enzymes in white adipose tissue.

Nusrat Hussain, Sheng-Ju Chuang, Manuel Johanns, Didier Vertommen, Gregory R Steinberg, Bruce E Kemp, Mark H Rider

Biochem J | Published : 2020


During the production process the Western blots for pThr246 PRAS40 in Figure 6B were accidentally duplicated in Figure 6C pThr649 AS160. Portland Press apologises for any confusion caused by this. The correct version of Figure 6 can be viewed below. The y-axes of Figure 8A and 8B should be labelled 'Rate of lipogenesis (nmol of [U-14C] fructose incorporated/30 min/g wet weight)' and 'Rate of lipogenesis (nmol of [1-14C] acetate incorporated/ 30 min/g wet weight)', respectively, rather than nmol incorporated/60 min/g wet weight. Lipogenesis from radioactive fructose was measured over 30 min whereas lipogenesis from radioactive acetate (in the presence of non-radioactive glucose) was measured ..

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