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The Creative Industries in Days of Isolation – A Fast Pace Shift to Making, Learning and Living in a Crisis

SOLANGE GLASSER, Kristal Spreadborough, Amanda Belton

University of Melbourne | Published : 2020


We are witnessing a cultural and pedagogical evolution. The current global crisis triggered by COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented societal shift. This has been starkly epitomised within the arts, creative industries, and education sectors – our first responders to societal change. These sectors have seen rapid shifts in their norms, practices, and pedagogies and have had to creatively adapt to ensure their survival and longevity in an environment mediated by physical isolation, social disruption, and health and economic crises. Drawing on a diverse range of big data sources, this research takes a data-led approach to examine the interplay between data as practice and practice as data. It m..

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