Journal article

Two-Dimensional Bearing Capacity of a Spudcan in Clay After Penetrating Through Top Sand

Pan Hu, Mark Cassidy

International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering | International Society of Offshore and Polar | Published : 2020


This paper presents a series of numerical investigations of the capacity of the foundations of a spudcan in clay after it penetrates through a sand layer and under planar combined loading. The model is validated against available relationships for uniaxial capacity of spudcan foundations on clay soils. The model is then used to investigate the uniaxial capacity and combined VH, VM, and HM capacity of spudcan foundations in the underlying clay of sand overlying clay soils. The results are presented in the form of failure envelopes. The effects of the embedment depth, undrained shear strength of clay, and sand plug thickness on the uniaxial and combined capacity are investigated and discussed.

University of Melbourne Researchers