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Coding the Garden Metropolis Restructuring Melbourne's Suburban Environments

Syn Chee Mah, Leire Asensio-Villoria

https://architectureau.com/articles/2021-aa-prize-for-unbuilt-work-shortlist/# and forthcoming: Architecture Australia Unbuilt Architecture Awards 2021 Exhibition at the Dulux Gallery, MSD (for the NGV Melbourne Design Week 2021) | Published : 2020


Melbourne’s early speculative urbanization was intricately tied to the promotion of, what was then, a fashionable ideal of a tranquil and healthy suburban lifestyle. The promotion of a “Melbourne retreat” was one of the engines that established the suburb as the long-standing template for the city. While the suburbs still dominate the public and cultural imagination and still constitute the vast majority of the city’s sprawling footprint, a compact and infilled urbanism has gained a foothold in some of the city’s suburbs. Differences between the inner-city and “middle” suburbs have been established for a long time and can be seen to have been shaped by the differing motivations of its..

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