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A role for Rab30 in retrograde trafficking and maintenance of endosome-TGN organization

Khalisah L Zulkefli, Ismail S Mahmoud, Nicholas A Williamson, Prajakta Kulkarni Gosavi, Fiona J Houghton, Paul A Gleeson



Rab30 is a poorly characterized small GTPase. Here we show that Rab30 is localised primarily to the TGN and recycling endosomes in a range of cell types, including primary neurons; minor levels of Rab30 were also detected throughout the Golgi stack and early endosomes. Silencing of Rab30 resulted in the dispersal of both early and recycling endosomes and TGN compartments in HeLa cells. By analyzing cargo trafficking in Rab30-silenced and Rab30-overexpressing HeLa cells, we demonstrate that Rab30 plays a role in retrograde trafficking of TGN38 from endosomes to the Golgi, but has no apparent role in the endocytic recycling of the transferrin receptor to the plasma membrane. Five interactive p..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

Confocal Microscopy was performed at the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform (BOMP), University of Melbourne, electron microscopy at the Advanced Microscopy Facility, Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne and cell sorting at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute Flow Cytometry and Imaging Facility. We thank Bruno Goud (Institut Curie, Paris) for Rab30 constructs and Isabelle Gasnereau (Gleeson laboratory) for cloning. This work was supported by funding from the Australian Research Council (DP130103207). KLZ was supported by a University of Melbourne International Graduate Scholarship.